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An Attempt to Ban Gay Marriage Fails in El Salvador
11 04 2009

As www.ontopmag.com informs, last week lawmakers have not supported constitutional amendments that would have banned gay marriage and prohibited adoption by gays and lesbians in El Salvador.

The amendments were introduced already in 2006, and the previous legislature approved the measures in April, 2009. But constitutional amendments require the approval of two consecutive legislatures.

The attempt to adopt discriminatory measures failed with 46 lawmakers voting in favor and 38 opposed.

Conservative lawmakers, who lobby the interests of the Catholic community, failed to ensure support from the majority (constitutional amendments require the two-thirds majority for passage), while the left-leaning ruling party, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, opposed the bans of same-sex marriage and gay adoption.

Same-sex marriage foes carrying signs that read “Marriage is sacred, defend it!” marched through the streets of San Salvador, the nation’s capital, last weekend.

It is interesting to note that El Salvadorian LGBT rights groups have asked the government to recognize gay civil unions, not - marriage.