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Melissa Etheridge Fights for Awareness-Raising
11 05 2009

Famous musician, open homosexual Melissa Etheridge and her family have the real reason for celebration this year.

As www.celebritybabyscoop.com announces, Etheridge, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, has just past the critical five-year mark successfully with no recurrence.

Soon after marrying Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2003, the Grammy-winning musician was discovered sick and underwent chemotherapy. The couple is raising four children.

Of course, with cancer in general, it is impossible to make some certain prognoses. That’s why awareness campaigning is so important as well as dedicating special month to it.

Melissa Etheridge along with other musicians (Joss Stone, Bonnie Tyler, The Bangles - a band) is taking an active part in the campaign. For raising their voices about the problem and raising money for research, these people are organizing parties and live music shows in various cafes and hotels worldwide – as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and Pinktober (www.hardrock.com) initiative.