Presentation on LB Women in Sports
07 04 2009

On March 18, at Inclusive Foundation office during the women's club usual meeting, the facilitator of the women's club and the member of it presented the materials prepared about the representation of the LB women in sports. The meeting was organized by Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) and aimed to promote sports and healthy life-style and raising of awareness about activities and achievements of LB sportswomen still facing various difficulties including coming out problems in sports, where discrimination stereotypes against women and LB women are still strong as it traditionally is considered a masculine dominant sphere.

After short historical review and discussing the stereotypes, the reporter interestingly dealt with situational homosexuality that cannot be considered related to sexual orientation itself but sometimes a result of some "fear" of destruction of the existing homo-society and infringement of group unity; while discussing this issue, the reporter used interesting survey results conducted.

The discussion of experiences of LB sportswomen: Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Judith Arndt, Amelie Mauresmo (Momo) and of those who participated in Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics were accompanied with rich impressive visual materials that appeared amusing at the same time, supporting live and informative presentation.

"Our group is very liberal. We do not care you are red, green or alien. You are the one who you are." - American Softball Team member Natasha Watley said. It would be desirable to have such approach to the matter in each team, in each country.

After the interactive presentation-discussion, the evening continued in active enough informal atmosphere and the club members even held a small spontaneous competition in arm wrestling.