Women’s Club Discussion
03 04 2009

On Wednesday, May 27, Women’s Club traditional discussion took place at Inclusive Foundation office (www.inclusive-foundation.org). The meeting was organized by Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) (www.women.ge) and the topic of the discussion was: Child Adoption Issues for Same-Sex Couples.

The representatives and the members of the Women’s Club held the discussion referring to the child adoption issues for LGBT couples and the obstacles related to the process. The reporters briefly reviewed the procedures, adopters have to undergo in different countries and accentuated the problems that accompany that process.

The reporters presented the statistic data and also introduced the results of the surveys about psycho-social “differences” between the children brought up in homosexual and heterosexual families.

The discussion was lively with sharing concrete cases and real stories. The focusing on the arguments based on stereotypes that are often used to justify discriminative legislation revealed the different and interesting positions of the audience regarding the main topic as well as on other relative issues.

The discussion revealed the opinions for and against advisability of child adoption for LGBT community, as well. The main determinative of the opponents’ position appeared high level of homophobia in the society that according to the opinion of this part of the audience would complicate the social integration of the child brought up in LGBT family. The other participants, considering the likelihood of such difficulties, stated however that in spite of hostile society and problems that all children more or less face during the socialization process, “it is worth doing.”

In the final part of the presentation the reporters introduced the exhibition of the paintings by 4 to 14 years old children, brought up in same-sex families. The topic of the works represented on the exhibition was “My family.” Each drawing had annotation made by the author, where the child talked about his/her parents.

After the discussion, the evening continued in an informal atmosphere.