Women’s Club Discussion
16 09 2009

On Wednesday, September 9, Women’s Club traditional discussion took place at Inclusive Foundation office. The meeting was organized by Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) and the topic of the discussion was: Representation and Self-representation.

Many new participants attended the women’s club, therefore the facilitator offered them a game, which would help the old and new members of the women’s club to get acquainted with each other and realize their originality. The participants, themselves, assessed the characteristics as positive, neutral and negative. In addition, attention was paid on the attributes named by participants: social status, physical characteristics or psychological peculiarities.

Apart from self-representation, the game included characterization of themselves from their parents and friends point of view. The differences between these three positions became the subject of discussion: what is the basis of the way they perceive you and how does the latter influence on your self-perception. The discussion revealed the topic of the next meeting: how to resist oppression and respond to verbal aggression.

After the discussion, participants of the women’s club continued interaction in informal atmosphere.